Thank you to all who have provided input so far on transportation needs in Kingman. There will be another opportunity to provide comments – this time on draft improvement recommendations – in Fall 2022!


Kingman and the surrounding area have experienced population growth over the last several decades. With this growth comes a need to provide upgraded transportation infrastructure, which will be guided by a comprehensive multimodal Transportation Master Plan (TMP).

In addition to the needs associated with continued growth, Kingman has other unique challenges. The area is bisected by I-40 and the BNSF railroad. These facilities are vital for regional travel and freight movement but also present barriers to local access and circulation.​

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Three large-scale freeway interchange projects are expected to be constructed in the next few years in the Kingman area – I-40/US 93 West Kingman, I-40/Kingman Crossing, and I-40/Rancho Santa Fe. These freeway interchange projects will improve access, change traffic patterns, and promote safety. There are also several other plans and studies underway or completed since the last Kingman area transportation study was conducted in 2011 that need to be considered and incorporated into the TMP.


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Identify transportation deficiencies in the existing transportation system.

Forecast future land use and transportation conditions to identify anticipated future transportation deficiencies.

Engage the public and local stakeholders to obtain input on the existing transportation system and future potential improvements

Develop and document recommended transportation improvements to address existing and future deficiencies along with potential funding options


Kingman - Fact Sheet-web.jpg