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Based on input received in the first round of community engagement in spring of 2022, the City developed nearly 100 potential solutions to address previously identified issues and deficiencies. Out of these potential solutions:

  • Previous Kingman plans and studies - 57%

  • Public comments - 31%

  • A combination of multiple sources - 7%

  • Existing conditions analysis - 5%

These potential solutions were chosen based on five priorities ranked in a public survey: safety, accessibility, efficiency, resiliency, and comfort.

The potential solutions identified were consolidated into 63 projects. 20 of these projects are considered "high priority," 20 are "medium priority," and 23 are "low priority."

The next steps for high priority projects will be: 

  • Identify potential funding sources

  • Identify project phasing

  • Identify those responsible for implementation

The City will reconsider medium and low priority projects in future TMP updates or as conditions change.



Draft Recommended Kingman TMP Projects_All.png

High Priority Projects


Medium Priority Projects

Low Priority Projects

To provide your comments on these draft recommended projects, click here.

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